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Scentsy Candles offers no risk shopping with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects of any of our candle warmer products.

Save Money in the Scentsy Store

Not only do customers buy our wax because it produces the best scent, our wax is also specially formulated with scented oils that last up to 80 hours. That is a special buy when you receive several times the scent from normal candle wax. Wickless candles are not just scented, but also healthy. In fact, candle lovers buy our scents because our warmers don’t burn the wax, so they only release our long lasting fragrance and no chemicals with the scents.  If that isn’t enough reason to shop online, we have several other reasons to buy Scentsy candles. Our warmers are bought because they have no wick, which makes them wickless candles that are safe for children and pets. Warmers only get hot enough to melt our safe candle wax. That’s right – Scentsy products are completely wickless, which makes them completely flameless!  You can shop our entire selection of high quality products from our online store.

If you feel more comfortable, call us to place your order by phone: (970) 580-4334

What are Scentsy Candles?

Scentsy Candles are the authentic safe candle products and wickless alternative to traditional “wick and flame candles.” We attribute much of our success to the quality Scentsy products line the company has built.

Scentsy Candles are hand crafted, safe, smokeless, products that produce no fire or soot, and contain no lead or soy. Our Scentsy warmer doesn’t even get hot enough to start a fire. Scentsy Candles keep your home & family, college room, and workplace wickless and safe!

Scentsy is wickless! Wickless describes our authentic candle warmers and unique scented products.  A candle warmer is an electric decorative pot that melts a candle or scented wax to release its scent. There is no wick to burn, so they are referred to as wickless candles and we have the best candle warmers out there!

 How Does a Warmer Work?

Our authentic candle warmers are so easy to use and clean, you will love them for their convenience.  A low-watt bulb, which is also low heat emitting,  melts the specially formulated candle wax just enough to slowly, release our maximized scents and stretch out the fragrance time of the special wax bars. These wickless candles have no flame, soot or wick, so our system is a safe way to enjoy more than 80 quality fragrances in a high quality, hand made candle warmer masterpieces.

Warmer Instructions

  1. Plug in your wickless candle and turn on the switch on your candle warmer cord.
  2. Place one or two squares of your favorite wax bars into the scents dish.
  3. Enjoy scented heaven and the cozy warmer feeling!

How to Switch to New Scents

  1. Completely melt the scented wax.
  2. Pour the melted wax into the original packaging.
  3. Wipe the scent dish with a paper towel.
  4. Store the warm wax bar in a cool dry place.
  5. Add your next favorite candle bar to the scent dish and enjoy!

The Scent of the Story

Most companies simply don’t make it past the first stages of business hurdles.  Thank goodness this scented business is an exception to the rule.  Owners Orville and Heidi Thompson had little money and lots of debt when the opportunity first presented itself.  Despite their bleak circumstances and financial hardship, the Thompsons followed their hearts.  The result has been staggering success.

Candle warmer sales exploded as people heard about the idea of the wickless candle.  The fragrance company strives to stay on top of  quality and new product development.  Our smokeless candles are safe and unique.  The small, low heat bulb melts the scented wax and releases the wonderful scent.  Our scented wax bars come in so many fragrances, you will have a hard time choosing just one!

The wickless line of candle warmers was led off by the design of the full-size warmer.  The next cndle warmer to be designed was the plug-in.  Finally, we introduced the mid-size warmer, which has proved to be a popular choice for scent lovers everywhere.

Bars & Scents

Scentsy Bars and Scents have revolutionized the candle market place. We now offer many varieties of full-size warmers, mid-size warmers, plug-in warmers, wickless bars, travel tins, room sprays, scented stuffed animal Scentsy Buddy, scent paks, fragrance foam, and scent circles. All in amazing scents like Autumn Sunset, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Sweet Pea Vanilla.  These amazing candle warmer bar and scent products truly sell themselves.

Wickless Candles

Scentsy Candles are a completely new way to enjoy the glow and scents of candles. Our wickless candles are made to extremely high quality guidelines. We want customers who purchase our warmers to know their candle will last a lifetime. Our Scents are packed full too! We completely fill our wickless candle wax containers (bars) to the max to give you the best value.

Our warmers are powered buy a 15 watt light bulb for the plug-in, a 20 watt light bulb for the mid-size, and a 25 watt light bulb for the full-size. These low heat bulbs gently melt the wax bars to release one of our 80 authentic fragrances. Remember, you can only buy from an independent consultant as our products are not sold in local stores.  Please shop online or contact us to request your catalog to view all the scented candle products.

The traditional definition of a wick is “a bundle or loose twist or braid of soft threads, or a woven strip or tube, as of cotton, which in a candle, lamp, oil stove, cigarette lighter, or the like, serves to draw up the melted tallow or wax or the oil or other flammable liquid to be burned.”  If a candle has a wick, it must be burned, which means there must be fire, flame, and smoke.

Wickless is the way to go because there is absolutely no fire, no flame, and no smoke.  This means your house and office are safe, there is no worry about kids or pets being burned, and there are no harmful chemicals to be inhaled from nasty smoke and soot.

Long Lasting Candles

With the amount of money people spend on candles, they want to be sure they’re getting good quality long lasting candles. Many people use candles all over their homes to add to their décor, make their homes smell better, and create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. It’s frustrating to spend a large amount of money on a scented products and when you burn it, only have it last a few hours.  Our warmers and scents are the perfect answer with our affordable, long lasting candles versus spending your hard-earned dollars on someone else’s candles just to find out that all they got was a cheaply made but expensive wax that doesn’t last.

While the average person most likely doesn’t know a lot about candle wax and how to judge its quality, considering the amount of money the average person spends on candles, its great to know that you’re getting your money’s worth! Most candles, when first lit, need to burn for several hours to ensure that they burn evenly, but not so with our high quality scented candles.  Our wax releases scent instantly and can last up to 80 hours on a small wax square!

Another feature to look for is the quality of the wax from scented candles as they are not all created equal. Yet another consideration in regular candles is wether the wick is made of a cheaper yarn or thread… while the candle burns the wick won’t stay upright. This causes the wick to fall or lay down inside of the wax and then it can’t be relit. Something else to look for is the estimated burning hours. This information is generally printed on the side of the jar or package. Our candle warmers and scents avoid all these negatives by providing safe, long lasting, highly scented wickless candles with features that blow away traditional candles.

Candle Value

Whether enjoying candles for personal use or giving them away as gifts, choosing a good one shouldn’t just come down to trial and error. Why should you just plan on using them for decorating and not burning them at all, to ensure they have a long life? Candle warmers and scent bars are your ticket.  Their long lasting fragrance and affordable cost over traditional candles make them a worthwhile investment and the best long lasting candles!

Host a Party

A Scentsy Party is the best way to earn free Scentsy products. There are three main types of parties – you can host a home party, a basket party, or an online party. We make all three options easy for you to get your wickless candles discounted or even free products. Parties are a great way for you to get together with friends because we do most of the work. Cantact us to schedule your party event today!

For more discounted wickless products, you can check out the Warmer of the Month promotion.

Fundraising Opportunities

We also love to share our success by giving back through Scentsy Fundraising. The Scentsy Fundraising opportunity is a great way to help your church, school, or club earn a nice commission towards buying the items it needs most. Our fundraisers are simple because we handle all the details and do 99% of the work. Please contact us today to start a successful fundraiser for your group.

Become a Scentsy Consultant

… Become a Consultant to work directly with our award winning consultant team – a top performer in the company!

… Join Our Team to receive excellent compensation and work from home, running your Home Candle Business when and how you choose.

… Sell Products to get a complete consultant training/support system along with many Candle Business tools, including a personal marketable website.

… Consultants start a Candle Business for as little as $99 – to sell products that are authentic and high quality items they believe in.

There is little risk to sell and test drive the consultant opportunity. A consultant’s first party often times covers the entire initial cost to sell. Join as a consultant and you will receive a sell focused starter kit, which includes a consultant handbook covering our selling policies and procedures, promotional products and buy and sell marketing materials such as catalogs, brochures, business cards and party invitations. Your starter kit also includes free product for party demonstrations. These items include a full-size Candle Warmer, Candle Bar, Room Spray, Scent Circle, and 4 light bulbs. Your products set will also include the entire current collection of fragrance testers.

After you Join Scentsy, we also provide you with your own marketing web site and online back office. The website is free for the first three months and just $10 per month thereafter. This is an amazing tool for both marketing your home based Candle Business and to sell with online orders.

Join to sell our products and you also get your own consultant coach (that’s us) to help you stay on track and help you build and grow your home based Candle Business.

Start a Business Today

People are starting their Scentsy business all around the world. Consultants join our team because we will personally teach you how to be successful, selling wickless candles and safe candle alternatives, by building a profitable home candle business, from the comfort of your own home!

We are Esther and Matt Hartsky and we are consultant directors and sales award winners with Scentsy. When you join to become a promoter on our successful team, you will be setting yourself up for success! We provide you all the support and answers you need right from the start. We reached the Director level consultants quickly and we can show you how to enjoy the same success.

Whether you would like to earn a little financial relief for your family, leave your job to be a stay at home mom with your kids, or join us to earn free consultant trips to destinations like Hawaii or Disney World, we can help you get there. You will love being a consultant as much as we do!

Sell Products from Home

Sell products on our successful consultant team for unparalleled support. Have you tried to join other direct selling opportunities, with little or no success? If so, we encourage you to please spend some time looking at our web site, learn about what makes Selling Scentsy as a Candle Business a different opportunity, and consider joining our team. We are real people, Consultant Directors who are following a simple, proven plan, and are teaching our success strategies to consultants.

Join on our team for $99 and you will join the Wickless revolution. We have a complete training and support system available for all our consultants which is 100% free. Join to work from home, enjoy flexible hours, and make great money selling quality Wickless Candles!

“The Scentsy Business is not complex – it is not a get rich quick scheme. It is an opportunity for Consultants to follow a simple plan, be themselves, and run a successful business.” – Orville Thompson, CEO

Warmer Summary

Our scented warmers are specially designed, long lasting, flameless scented pots.  Also known as warmer pots, they use a low watt light bulb to gently heat the ceramic lid of our authentic warmers.  As the temperature rises, our proprietary scented wax begins to melt, releasing one of our amazing scents that comes in over eighty different fragrances. Our entire selection of authentic products can be shopped for online with secure ordering and fast shipping.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our popular warmer system!

The Safest Warmers

Our electric warmers will have you placing your old candles in a cupboard because our scented warmers are completely safe.  Our ceramic pots use electricity instead of a wick, meaning our warm wax dishes are completely flameless.  With no fire to worry about, you can leave your warmer on all day and night… even when you’re gone!  Even better, is the fact that our candles are safe around pets and children.  There is no flame to singe hair or little fingers.  The wax doesn’t even get hot enough to burn.  We personally have warmers all over our house and have never had an issue with our indoor cat or three little boys.  In addition, it is a great feeling to know that with no burning, there are no carcinogens, harsh chemicals, or soot being released into the air.

Warmer Styles

Full-Size warmers make a statement in any room, allowing you to express your own personality or add a beautiful piece of decor to your home.  Our warmers average 4.5″ wide and 6″ tall.  Full-Size warmers use a 25 watt light bulb, which can be purchased for $1.00 from our online store.

Mid-Size warmers are modestly sized, allowing them to make the perfect transition into offices or more compact spaces.  These pots are approximately 4″ wide and 5″ tall.  Mid-Size warmers use a 20 watt light bulb, which can also be conveniently purchased for $1.00 from our online store.

Plug-In warmers are perfec for bathrooms, dorm rooms, laundry rooms, or other areas with limited counter space.  Plug-In warmers are perfect night lights!  The plug-in base can be turned to conveniently fit into any outlet.  These warmers are approximately 3″ wide and 3.5″ tall (without the plug).  Plug-In warmers use a 15 wat light bulb, which can also be found in our online store.  You can also purchase the very affordable Grab Tab for our plug-ins.  The Grab Tab makes changing the wax in plug-ins a breeze.  Without the Gab Tabs, you can still easily clean the melted wax out of your warmer by pouring it into its original package and wiping it with a paper towel.

Making Scents

Its simple really.  The wickless warmer has been such a tremendous hit in large part because of the simplicity of the design.  All of our warmers plug into an outlet, and are switched on with an easy to click, roll style on/off switch.  Once the warmer has been turned on, the low watt bulb gently melts your favorite scented bar, that you place in small cubes, on the lid of the warmer.  Need to change the fragrance?  Just pour the melted wax back into its original package, wipe the lid with a paper towel, and add your next favorite.

If you would like to receive a free product catalog, are interested in hosting a home, basket, or online party to receive free and discounted products, or would like information on joining our award winning team to sell scented products, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call (970) 580-4334.  We are Consultant Directors here to help you with any questions regarding the original candle warmer and scent.