Hold a Scentsy Fundraiser with HookedOnScents

Scentsy can help your group or organization raise the money it needs with a unique fundraiser!

Thousands of clubs, groups, and schools— church missions groups, 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, athletic teams, bands, booster clubs and many others—hold fundraising events. Studies show that the most successful fundraising is built around the sale of high quality products to family, friends and neighbors.  The days of door to door soliciting are over.

The best part of holding a Scentsy Fundraiser is that it’s so painless. We will provide professional service and support with all the supplies, details, and logistics. And when you work with us, you can be confident that everyone who participates in your fundraiser will receive safe, hand-made, and high-quality scent products.

Hand made scented merchandise is simple, authentic, safe, and beautiful. Unlike traditional wick and flame candles, all of our products are wickless, flameless, soot-free, lead-free, soy-free, and smokeless, so they can be used in offices, dorm rooms, schools, public buildings, and of course, private homes.

Getting Started with Fundraisers

  • Contact the club, group, or organization you’re raising money for.
  • Discuss and set your fundraiser goal.

We will guide and support you and your fundraising team through every step of the process. We will make sure you have the latest marketing and promotional materials like the catalog featuring products and fragrances specifically suited to fundraiser drives, order forms, and fliers.


Kinds of Fundraisers

Our primary fundraiser opportunity is for schools.  School fundraisers are very easy to set up, usually through the school’s class, club, team, or pto organization.  We provide easy to track order forms, envelopes, and catalogs.  For many fundraisers, we even provide a fundraising catalog.  Many school fundraiser events can earn a substantial income because he students get the community involved in buying quality products and support their efforts.

Scentsy Fundraising can also be done as a special event.  These events can be any show, fair, gala, dance, or any gathering of people.  Our candle warmer products are so attractive they practically sell themselves, giving you the best opportunity to raise excellent compensation for your organization.

Fundraising Rewards

Fundraising reward percentages are based on the sales volume of all scent products your group sells. Your organization can earn a large commission of product sales (derived from our commissions). Normally, we offer 25% of total sales back to your organization.  Here is the way it works: if your group produces $4,000 in sales, a realistic amount we will write you a check for $1,000.  We will even take care of all shipping and costs, and organization of the products as they arrive for distribution to your customers.

Scentsy knows that nothing beats the sense of community, team camaraderie, and supporting a good cause found in holding a successful fundraiser.

Please contact us to start raising money today!

Esther & Matt Hartsky, SuperStar Directors

(970) 580-4334

More About Fundraising

Our Fundraisers has proven themselves to be an invaluable tool for organizations to meet or exceed their fundraising needs.  These fundraisers are also a great way for consultants to grow their home candle business.

While many fundraisers rely on guilt to pull their “customers” into a buying situation in order to show support for the individual or organization selling the products, Scentsy relies on a completely different approach.  We want our customers to buy because they are supporting the individual or group selling scent Products, but foremost, we want these customers to know they are purchasing a unique, high quality item.

So many fundraisers sell cheap, mostly useless wares.  In fact our boys came home the other day with a fundraiser selling items we had absolutely no use for, and quite frankly, would expect the items to last a very short amount of time.  In addition to the useless, goods, it is also a familiar scenario to see kids selling candy.  The problem with candy fundraisers is the amount of candy the group would need to sell in order to make a nice profit.  Many of these fundraisers tout giving 50% to the organization. In the candy fundraising example, if each piece is sold for $1.00, the group would get $0.50.  That means it would take selling 1000 candy bars to make just $500.

Scentsy Fundraising is a great way to offer schools and other groups, high quality, products that will be used and displayed proudly, but it simply doesn’t take a whole lot of products to add up to a sizeable fundraising profit.  Instead of selling 1,000 candy bars to make $500, you can make the same amount by selling fewer than 50 of our hand-made, safe, and stylish candle warmers.

One of the best parts about our fundraiser is how easy it is for the organization.  Almost all of the work is done by the consultant (us).  We find out how many participants the group will have selling our candle products and we prepare a thorough and complete packet for each of them.  All detailed instructions are also provided to help the fundraiser run as smoothly as possible.  The group’s organizer will pass out these packets and collect tem at a pre-decided date.  We will then place every order and organize them when they arrive, making it simple for the group to distribute the products to its customers.

Your groups fundraiser will also be listed on our website so distant friends and relatives can also support the cause with online orders.  This is yet another way the organization’s sellers and the customers can reach us with questions or orders.

A Scentsy Fundraiser is a tough money making opportunity to beat because of the ease of running it and the potential for the organization to make money with in a serious way.  Please contact us for more details or to start you fundraiser today!