With only 4 ingredients, this recipe only takes a few minutes to. Add 1 cup of cold alcohol and.

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This jello shot is so good!

Best liquor for jello shots. So, no matter the occasion—holidays, birthdays,. In their most simple form, they are only three ingredients: Pour the jello powder in the liquid measuring cup.

Vodka and rum are popular options, but you can also try whiskey, gin, or tequila. Add 1 cup of boiling water and stir until all of the powder has completely dissolved. This blue hawaiian jello shots recipe gives you colorful blue jello shots, made with blue curaçao liquor, malibu rum and lots of tropical flavor!

Champagne, pop rocks, cold water, hot water, jello, liqueur, gelatin powder cranberry jello shots the blond cook cranberries, cold water, jello, vodka, boiling water Not only are these jello shots made with a variety of flavors, liquors and decorations, but they’re also mini works of art and almost too impressive to eat. Below, we'll walk you through the process so your shots are the best they can be!

Gelatin is derived from collagen, a tough, flexible protein that plays a primary role in all of an animal's connective and protective tissues, including tendons and ligaments, skin, and bones. But if you’re thinking of jello shots made with cheap alcohol, served in little plastic cups and most often found at college parties, have we got a surprise for you. Use rum for a rum and coke jello shot , tequila for a tequila sunrise jello shot , and.

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In jello shots, the liquid portion is water and alcohol, while gelatin provides the polymers and colloids needed for structure. Melon is one of those subtle, but surprisingly strong flavors that goes a long way toward masking alcohol. To spice up your jello shots, consider adding sprinkles, candy, or juice.

Visit insider's home & kitchen reference library for more stories. Vodka is the most common alcohol associated with jello shots, but you can use whatever alcohol you’d like. Jello shots consist of instant gelatin combined with water and a hard liquor of your choice.

If you're feeling fancy, scoop out a melon ball from a fresh melon, spear it with a toothpick, and lay it across the top of your shooter for people to use as a chaser. These shots are infused with whipped cream flavored vodka.

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