As a react developer you are probably familiar with cra (create react app) and how easy it is to spin up a react app and to get going writing react apps. This post will cover how to use webpack 5 to bundle a react and typescript app.

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Add webpack aliases to your cra app, without pain

Create react app with typescript and webpack. Our setup will include type checking with typescript and linting with eslint in the webpack process, which will help code quality. Add the following commands in order to install react and typescript. To install react, typescript, run the following commands in a terminal:

Create a main.tsx file and paste in the below. Then we can create a new react project using cra: Import { app } from './app' ;

There is no configuration needed, you can focus on coding. If you’re managing webpack yourself there’s a bit more work to do. But this setup uses webpack 4 and have no use to us with.

Finally, webpack dumps the output to a specified location. Using absolute (alias) imports in javascript and vscode. It's long, so make sure you scrolled enough and copied the whole line!

In this guide, we will look at creating react app using webpack and using typescript. Staying in the project root dir, execute the following command. Create a new project/use existing one.

Finally, we need to add scripts to run our app: We’ll create a single entry point for our electron main process, add a loader for all *.ts files to pass through the typescript compiler, and tell webpack to dump the output alongside the source files. Creating a react app with typescript and eslint with webpack 5.

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Install webpack, plugins and loaders. Also since we would be using the.gitignore file in our root folder, so delete the git related files from the example folder. The upside of this is greater control over our project and we also get all of the benefits of typescript.

Type errors will be displayed in your console once your project has built, and it’s time to get to work! I added webpack because i want it to run my local server to serve all my assets, and eventually, build my production assets. If you manage your own webpack config.

Now that we have react, typescript and webpack all playing nicely, let's actually get some react rendering. This is a basic react app where we. We need to install some packages which are essential to configure typescript in react application.

// reference to our app.ts class } export class main extends react. In this tutorial, we are going to setup our own basic webpack 4 configuration from scratch for react with typescript. Run below commands to install required packages:

However cra does come with some drawbacks. Typescript is configured by a file which is called tsconfig.json. Export interface imainprops { app :

To add typescript to a create react app project, first install it and its respective @types: This command creates a new react project with npm and typescript. Import * as react from 'react' ;

Create a file webpack.config.js then add the code below: We need to create the webpack configuration file that will give the instructions on building the application. Install webpack and its plugins:

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The above command would create a new typescript react application in a folder called example. Let's add this file in the root directory of our project. Typescript package is main engine for typescript.

Using typescript's absolute paths in create react app 2.0 without ejecting. React is widely used today for creating interactive apps.

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